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An Open Letter to every Student coming to DU this year

Hey Newbie!

I completely understand what you have been going through the past few days. An uneasiness, a sense of panic. Rechecking the last year’s cutoffs to see if you would make it through that college or not. Also, an excitement of the unknown, of the fact that yes finally, you get to step out of the cozy shells you’ve lived in with your parents for years and finally experience the freedom, the independence.

Having spent two years of my life studying in one of the colleges of DU now, I feel I am qualified enough to write this. Suddenly from having to ask the teacher to use the loo, you have to make an irrevocable choice that defines the rest of your life.

Believe me or not, you need to take a chill pill and not let this thing get to your head. A decent college, promising career, a well-paying job, all of this is important, but it’s not everything. Life has much more to it. Your peer group, family, who you are as a person plays an equally significant role in defining who you actually turn out to be.

Also, not to forget, living on your own is no joke. I personally struggled to even prepare a bowl of good Maggie. You realize how pampered you were at your home when you have to no one to iron that shirt last minute or give you a head massage after a stressful day.

But nevertheless, this is the time that shapes your personality and becomes the base for the ‘future you’. Be cautious enough not to waste it all in useless activities. Because this is the only period when you have a lot of time on your hands. Mind the fact, graduation ke baad acche se lagne wali hai.

Lastly, rather than being on your own, live together in a group, a community. It improves your life in unimaginable ways and makes you feel less lonely in an alien state.

In the end, I never want to see a long face whining about that fact that I could not get into so and so college due to 1 or 2 marks. It never really matters in the long run. Trust me, I’ve been through it.


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Forget Flats, Stanza is even better!

As we would all agree, a good number of students turn to flats after their Freshman Year. Either the monotony of eating ‘dal chawal’ everyday drives them crazy or a need for a dire change in surroundings runs them, but what if I said there was something that combines the perks of both a PG and a Flat? *gets extra alert*

Hustling in the by lanes and corners of that region in the burning sun, literally drains one out. Hunting down the perfect flat is a task in itself, where you go and visit tens of properties only to return hopeless in the end. Let us not get started on the hefty brokerage, we have to pay. *wipes sweat off forehead*

Well this is just the beginning. The real pain in the ass is repairing that leaking tap, buying groceries and paying those electricity and water bills. In no time you find yourself stuck in a spiral of responsibilities topped up with ‘maid dramas’, who would vanish in thin air straight for three days! *phew, pities himself*

And yes, often the most over looked part, the money that flows out of our hands. The basic rent along with running errands, cost of groceries, paying various bills and maintenance expenses when all summed up together, could cost us dearly on our pockets. Sometimes even higher than what we would ideally pay in a PG. Check for yourself.

All said, we really deserve a better place to live. A place that is not a headache, but the one we return to, after a busy day at college. Eye some interiors, yum food, a decent place to unwind and relax and of course a quiet place to study too. What if I said, a place like this actually existed with proximity to college and metro station. A kitchen to eat that late night ‘maggi’, and a gym to tone and have that perfect body.

As if this was not enough, learning from an extensive network of corporates in the form of CV building sessions, last minute train bookings and discounts on cool places to hang out. Sounds out of the world, right? Well this is Stanza Living, not just accommodation but an experience in itself, or simply put-Student life simplified. Do not believe me? Come, have a look yourself. I bet you would say that your home now has a new address!




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Damn! I wish I had known of this amazing housing space in DU before

Hey Chap!

Let us reimagine the world today (because I am sure you would agree the world today could do with some reimagining). No pestering landlords, no running around to bring the groceries, no headache of maid not turning up yet again and yeah, lip-smacking food to feast your senses. Because seriously, you can’t live having tinda and baingan every other day.

What if we say that you don’t even need to hunt down a suitable accommodation? What if you had a living place tailored as per your needs? *home-gasm*

A place where you don’t have to run after your PG owner’s life to get that tube light or door handle repaired. Before you die of awe, read this.

Stanza Living offers world class student residencies, a comfortable yet exciting place to live in. With amazing interiors, topped up with entertainment lounges, study rooms and a gym, this is a go to place for every student. Four meals a day prepared by restaurant quality chefs, professionally trained housekeeping, roof top terraces and common areas with coffee machines, gaming consoles, foosball and pool tables, what else could you vouch for! And yes, form lifelong bonds and friendships with a year around social calendar full of events and activities. (Say pizza and pasta nights every month!)

Well hold your breath because there’s still more.

Also, you get access to sessions on building your CV, get to connect with an extensive network of corporates for internshipand lessons on a series of life skills. *jaw drops*

We are here not just to provide a residence but an experience in itself.

We know how hard you’ve worked to get into DU here. You just can’t ruin this with a bad living experience. (there’s enough you have to deal with already, duh!)

So, get ready to build memories with every stanza. Because your home now a has a new address! 😀

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